Monday, October 5, 2015

Cathedral Ceiling turned Bedroom.

As I stated before our house is always under construction. I mean always. Sometimes it's little things, other times it's bigger. Well here is a BIG project. We actually finished it a few months ago, but I haven't taken to the time to look at the photos.

We had an open floor plan with cathedral living room, to an open loft in the main part of our house.
We closed in the loft leaving a hall/catwalk for a nursery in 2014. Baby number 4.

We then promised number 3 she would have her own room. And how we decided to do this was be closing in the cathedral ceiling. Well, at least most of it.

Please forgive the mess yo see while we live through the demolition and construction.
The tearing out of the loft railings(I never liked them anyways)

Framed floor system and sheeted new ceiling!
Walls frames for new room.

The walls have been sheeted.

And yes, that is a little built in playhouse! 
There a few small touches that have not been finished but she is moved it. Closet shelving was completed and the ceiling fan installed.