Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's funny what starts you remembering.

Talking of Easter last night, I started reminiscing of my childhood Easters at my grandparents.
The carrot salad Grandma Duffy always made, and even though I never ate it, it seems it should be present with the easter dinner spread.

Then I started recalling other things that remind me or come to mind when I think of my Grandma Duffy. The Johnny Carson show, weeping willows, ribbon candy, maple syrup, satin nightgowns, making beds(which I can't do without hospital corners; the way she taught me), perfectly decorated Christmas trees, Bing Crosby...

Grandpa Duffy; The Price is Right, clipping coupons, slow drives to the dump, warm cheap beer in cans (Keystone, Milwaukee's Best and Genesee beer), laying on his big belly, talking about the weather, 

Things that I associate with my MorMor; aprons, wildflowers, picnics, walk through the woods/field, skin so soft, the fuzzy warm Christmas, Friday bus rides, 

Poppy Kelly; Pipe Tobacco, Double Mint Gum, the green house, hen houses, barns, Sunday drives in the back of his mint green Crown Victoria, rocking by the cook stove, fresh snow on "Christmas" trees, looking at the clouds, mint ...

These are just a few that come to mind, but there are so many more small things in life that bring each one of them to mind during my daily routines. It's funny how memories are triggered; A smell, something visual, a taste... The mention of angel food cake instantly brings to mind Grandma Duffy.

The mind is a funny thing.