Monday, February 8, 2016

Plexus Body Cream VS Warts

My new favorite Product!

Okay, if you read my last post, you know I recently became obsessed with Plexus Body Cream!

Amazing stuff!
Really, no joking!

So after a week of using it for my KP(Keritosis Pilaris) I noticed inadvertantly, that the wart I have struggling to get rid of on my finger had reduced in size, by almost half. I have been treating this thing with freezing, wart goo, wart tabs, duct tape.. But with my constant hand washing most treatments came off, and were ineffective. And for some reason freezing seemed to stimulate it to grow more rapidly.
I looked at my hand the other day and was like what the, my wart is smaller. 
I haven't done any treatments in a few month, just sort of leaving it alone, giving up on it. And the only thing I had changed was using the Plexus Body Cream.  Could it be?

So I decided to document any further change. So starting today, this is what my wart looks like:
FYI: I am also taking Xfactor, MegaX, bioCleanse, Probio5 and Plexus Slim.

February 8, 2016
It's that dry crusty bump just below my upper knuckle.
(Looking at this picture brings back a memory from school. I was kindly told I had very old hands. They have always been very wrinkly. Almost 20 years later, I still see my hands as looking old. But perhaps it goes with the old soul my MorMor told me I had...Fond Memories...{sigh}..)

I am going to continue using my Plexus Body Cream, and I will update this post when I see some change.

We will see see what Plexus' "miracle cream" is capable of!

Update, March 4, 2016:
My wart is pretty much gone! What!?
Seriously! There is very little sign of it at all. I am more than ecstatic about finally being rid of it.

My family was so impressed with what plexus has done for me, they are no on board with trying it out. Even my husband, who has been skeptical since I started it.

He is starting the Xfactor, bioCleanse, and ProBio5, this month. He hasn't been very good about remembering to take it, but we will get him there.