Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter can be a disaster.

Every year, I dread the holidays more and more! 
My husband is usually excited and anxious for the holidays at first, but as the day looms closer, he usually gets agitated and short wishing it to be over.. And in turn I wish the same, just to get life back to normal.
Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are by far the most stressful. The tug a war between our families...where to have our holiday dinner? Who do we celebrate with? Who will have their feelings hurt? I tried to implement an alternating dinner, one year easter with the inlaws, then next year with my mom. Christmas is a mess all around, we are running from house to house from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day. A whirl wind of cranky kids and turning me into cranky mom. 
I love the holidays, I just don't love the tug a war. 

Now to focus on the holiday at hand! 
Easter Sunday is coming!
I have less than week to get it figured out. And I have a plan!
(Now, Last Easter was a tough one for me. I was returning home from the hospital with my 2 day old number 4. I was an emotional mess I was not home to prepare the Easter fun for my older kids. I do believe I cried most of the day. I want to redeem myself!)

Lately, my 2 middles have been fighting non stop. Everything is a competition, and argument, and a fight. (Which included biting, punching, and kicking).
That being said, with 4 kids (aged  almost 1 though 12 years old) I am rethinking the egg hunt this year. 
I want to make it as fair as possible, to minimize the possibility of a fight. 
With only a week to get my butt ready, I decided maybe a color coded egg hunt, was in order. 
That is if I can get to the store to buy new eggs. (I have been reusing eggs for 12 years. We must have 300, but they are crazy and unmatching...some printed and designs and animal, monsters). I don't have a lot plain/matching in 4 colors, unless we make it a very small egg hunt.

The plan: 
Place an instruction card in each basket with their assigned hunt color. This way I can level up the 12 year olds hiding spots, to make it more difficult for her, and leave the babies eggs at ground level, so he can find them easy enough. Also hope to use a larger "golden egg" with a super prize in it. One for each.
Sounds simple enough!

Why did I put this planning off until now? Well, we have been doing some renovating and our house is in a state of (a post for another time, when it is completed)

Let me know: 
What do you do to keep easter stress free for your siblings? 
Any ideas to share?

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