Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Under Cooked Hard Boiled Eggs- Quick Fix!

So has this ever happened to you?

You think you made hard boiled eggs. You peel them in hopes to make egg salad or deviled eggs, and the yoke is almost completely cooked, but not quite hard enough. It still has that rich dark yellow color, instead of a light soft yellow color of a perfectly hard boiled egg.
It just won't do.

This happened today. I boiled 13 eggs,p. Thinking I would get a headstart for coloring eggs later this week. A few were cracked, so I figured no biggy, I'll make egg salad for my lunch. Go to separate the yolk from the white, and was like "Hey now! That's not completely cooked! ... Dang!"

Now what? 
Well, I figured I didn't have a lot to loose, so I decided to experiment.

Trial 1:
Put it back in boiling water. Thought it over, and decided not to try this. If the white was intact, trying to reboil may work, but I had already broke the whites right off.

Trial 2:
Put the egg in the microwave.
I tried this with one, I hadn't yet removed the yolk from, but the white was broke open to view the undercooked yolk. I started in short bursts, 15 seconds, and then pop! The white exploded everywhere. 
But viola the yolk cooked! I discarded the white from that egg, since it was slightly browned and rubbery.

Trial 3:
Put the yolk in the microwave, wrapped up in a paper towel. (Next time I will put in a microwave safe bowl and cover with a paper towel.)
I decided short bursts were best so I started with 10 seconds. The yolk popped. But everything seemed ok, so I tried another 10 seconds. And another pop. Yolk looked good to me! Just enough to mash it up into the right consistency.
You. May have to adjust the amount of time you burst your yolks, depending on how undercooked the yolk is, and your the strength of your microwave.
If you are able to mash a little them you can try reheating in bursts to bring them to the perfect texture. 
But this worked for me.

(Forgive my lighting, I should have turned on the bright ones)

My egg salad consists of;

Hard boiled egg yolks mashed
Hard boiled egg whites mashed
Mayonnaise (I use olive oil mayo)
Green sweet relish
Sweet and spicy mustard (I am currently in love with Inglehoffer sweet hot mustard)
Salt (I don't use salt, but for those who do)

With mashed yolks add, mayonnaise, green relish, sweet n spicy mustard, salt and pepper to taste.
Add mashed egg whites to the mixture.
Plop on bread and eat.

So, my lunch was not a loss! Yay! 
Boy I am hungry!

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